View Yogi Laser in action performing the most advanced yoga postures and contortion moves.

See Yogi Laser's first major performance in the USA on the Arsenio Hall Show along with other footage!!!

American Health and Fitness Magazine called Yogi Laser, "One of the most intriguing and vibrant athletes you'll ever see" - June 2002

Flex Magazine said "This performer onstage at the Arnold Classic introduces a new IFBB pose: abs and spine" - July 2002

Yogi Laser performs an extraordinary advanced yoga show that will take your breath away. Purely as a Yogi-Contortionist, Yogi Laser's superhuman abilities will astound even the most sophisticated audiences. He bends, folds and contorts his muscular physique into and out of seemingly impossible yoga postures. As seen on the Late Show with David Letterman, Yogi Laser fits his 5'8'' and 145 pound body into a 17" x 20" box as the grand finale.

Yogi Laser is available for Corporate Events, Business Conventions, Trade Shows, Fashion Show Openings, Five Star Hotel Floor Shows, Commercial Advertising, and Print.

Additionally, Yogi Laser is available for demonstrations for yoga conventions, lectures and as a guest yoga instructor.