The pictures in the slide show give attention to Hatha Yoga. Inspired by Swami Vishnu-devanada's book The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga, Yogi Laser discovered in his spiritual quest that the purity of the mind is not possible without the purity of the body.

Through the practice of asanas which are yoga postures and pranayama which are breathing exercises, the mind then becomes focused and can progress quickly in concentration and meditation. The regulation of the harmonized breath helps the yogi steady the mind. Knowledge and control of the prana (positive vital air) manifested in individuals is called pranayama, which opens the door to almost unlimited power.

All the training and yogic exercises advocated in Hatha Yoga are for controlling prana and reaching pranayama.

The highest manifestation of all prana's action in the human being is thought. If one is able to train one's thoughts, the mind is then able to go higher up into the superconscious plane.

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